Monthly Archives: July 2012

Kindle Highlights – html conversion

Added html conversion feature using twitter-bootstrap styles.

Graph Mapper Rails

Recently, I’m working on a plug-in to show ActiveRecord stats as graphs. I was originally thinking to create a simple one, but it’s getting complicated, aha..

It’s based on rails mountable engine. Though it’s interesting, I’m having a little difficulty on understanding how module structure works.

Kindle Highlights

For a couple of days, I’ve worked on updating the kindle-highlight library just for my personal use.

It was my first time to use Nokogiri for XML generation/parsing. After a short struggle, I found it a lot easier than I thought. When I previously had to work on XML, it was mostly on Java, and it means a lot more tedious processes.

First Post

Just created an account, and trying to post a first one.