Learning AngularJS

Started learning AngularJS. I had once tried several sample codes of client JS frameworks like Ember.js, Backbone.js, etc. , but I didn’t have a chance to go above them. Maybe after watching the railscast – #405 AngularJS last week, it triggered something in my mind for start learning it.

As a trial, I just applied a client-side search into the HTML of kindle-your-highlights. Though it’s a very simple one yet, I had to struggle with the magical world which AngularJS provides.

Most of the AngularJS’s demonstration starts from simple by-directional binding with a textbox and a label working together. But, as it goes into “templates” and “directives”, it’s getting difficult to understand how it’s working. It may mostly be due to my lack of knowledge in HTML/DOM and JavaScripts, but I’m having difficulties to understand the concept of “dependency injection” and where/how methods are being called.

Anyway, maybe I’ll be trying a little more.


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