Fun and Flair with CSS3 Animations

Fun and Flair with CSS3 Animations from Alexis Goldstein at HTML5DevConf

github – alexisgo / html5devconf-slides

Just watched the above video. It was a nice CSS3-animation presentation with nice and concise examples.

I haven’t tried writing complex CSS before, but after playing around with it some time, I’m now getting to understand the power of CSS animation. It’s nice. Though there’re plenty of JavaScript libraries that supports animation, native CSS expression is concise and easy to use. As indicated in the above presentation, simple animation trick would make the difference on the site.

Along with that, I’m also getting to understand the issues of vendor prefixes and redundancy in CSS description, and next step would be surely SCSS/LESS types of things…

There’re a lot of buzzing around HTML5 recently, but it seems still a long ways to go establish a solid and standard ways of developing web sites. Too many options, and too many things to learn.

The following is some jsfiddle, as the result of my struggling.


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