Google I/O 2012 – Making Good Apps Great: More Advanced Topics for Expert Android Developers

As I couldn’t wait for the Google I/O this year, I was viewing around the last year’s session videos. The following is one of the good one.

Session Video [Google I/O 2012 – Making Good Apps Great: More Advanced Topics for Expert Android Developers]

Session Presentation [Android Protips]

The topics were the following. Nice information.


  • Your apps should work just fine and let the users to focus on the services.
  • There are various devices (different features and capabilities). The app should detect the available device features and work within the capability.
  • There are various conditions (it can be offline or online). The app should detect the working environment (network, etc.) and work appropriately.


  • Network usage pattern affects the battery a lot. Knowing the characteristics of the wireless “radio” helps improving the battery life.
  • For example, every time the device hits the network, it keeps draining battery for around 1 minute. Therefore, it’s better to consolidate the access through perfecting and batching.
  • You can consolidate periodical request by using the queue. Or, a pre-fetch can be performed when users on-demand request is triggered. These kinds of technique should combined.
  • One useful tool for analyzing network access is DDMS. It provides network statistic analysis.
  • “TrafficStats” class provides stat tracking. “TelephonyManager” class allows to identify the connection type. It can be used to adjust the batch size of the pre-fetching.
  • has detailed information.


  • Testing is important, but there are too many different devices to test. One approach is “Bucket Testing”. Classify the type of the devices into buckets, and focus the on testing for the majority of them.

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