Google I/O 2013 – Android Design for UI Developers

Google I/O 2013 – Android Design for UI Developers

Android Design in Action: Responsive Design

A little more on Google I/O session surfing. This one talks about practical design patterns for “responsive design”, and the 2nd one is about similar topic from the same presenters.

The followings are some of the tips talked in the session, and how to utilize the horizontal spaces would be the key.

  • Alternate Layout
    • Divide the set of components into a fragment, and combine them appropriately, based on screen size.
    • Master Detail Flow Template helps designing the layout for larger device screens.
  • List to Grids
    • Change number of columns based on screen size works well.
    • List and grids have similar interface and can be combined.
  • SlidePaneLayout
    • Newly released SlidingPaneLayout can show/hide navigation panel based on screen width.

I think not so many apps are handling the screen size well yet. Even a orientation change, most of them just extend the width of the elements and leaves some blank spaces. Small set of them fully utilizes the screen size by tweaking the layout with additional information with menu, etc. (as shown in this video).

Surely a surge of tables are changing the world, but it would require more standard frameworks for applying them. It’s good to see the new libraries like SlidePaneLayout.


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