Google I/O 2013 – Instant Mobile Websites: Techniques and Best Practices

It talks about improving the performance on mobile environment, which has high latency. Though fast 4G (LTE) network is getting popular, it doesn’t help much on the latency part .

The location “32:08” has the summary for the techniques.

  1. Avoid landing page redirects.
  2. Minimize Server processing time.
  3. Eliminate render blocking round trips.
  4. Prioritize visible content.

Though it just covers simple examples, but following improvement steps with examples was nice.

Also, mentioned in the session seems nice. It provides network analysis about loading web-page contents. Chrome DevTool has similar feature, but this site has many “Test Location” in different countries which makes a server request from, or different browser types. Especially for “Test Location”, it would be useful to analyze the effect of latency from different locations of the world.


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