AngularJS Testing

Testing Directive

After watching several videos from Mr. Miško Hevery, I’m getting to understand more on the testability consideration in AngularJS. Along with the modular design of framework itself, it has nice helper methods for testing which allows to easily test directives which involves HTML (DOM) interaction. Also, as described in the above tutorial, Karma (Testacular) provides very nice way to run test codes.

The followings are some notes when I configured the environment.



  • I’m now using Rails backend for angular-resource with ‘angularjs-rails’ gem file. As gem file doesn’t provide libraries in each project folder, I’ve separately downloaded and stored in the testing folder (not sure if there’s any good way to refer gem file content location).
  • “angular-mocks.js” is required to use “inject” and “module” testing helper functions. Otherwise, it throws “not defined” errors.
  • In karma.conf.js, list files in libraries -> sources -> tests order. Otherwise, it can show “not defined” errors.

excerpt – karma.conf.js

// list of files / patterns to load in the browser
files = [

  // libraries

  // sources

  // tests

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