AngularJS vs Ember

It’s a nice post talking about the difference between AngularJS and EmberJS. Though each point would get counter-arguments from experienced AngularJS programmers, this post makes good points.

What I am trying to establish is the framework does not encourage these practices. It is left up to the developer to build their application in the correct way, and the “correct” way seems to be up for discussion. Many of the things people tell me about how to properly structure an Angular application are not to be found anywhere on the official Angular docs. I believe they are better classified as “community conventions” for building good apps.

AngularJS has nice and simple concepts, but also it’s very flexible. Everything starts from very catchy double-binding input-text and concise todo-list implementation. But, it’s a little difficult to go further with controllers, directives and services for structuring code well.

I love the concept of AngularJS, but I’m struggling with my messy code when I try to use it. Pretty much I’m looking for good practices and idioms. AngularJS feels like being structured on hacker-minded way, and it’s a little difficult to control well for me.

AngularJS is relatively new framework yet. As it become more mature, more good practices and libraries would become available (I’m hoping so).


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