Test Driven Development @ YouTube

Nell Shamrell – Test Driven Development: A Love Story – Ancient City Ruby 2013

The concept of test-driven development is beautiful, and many of the people would agree on the positive effects. However, it’s sometimes difficult to apply them in the real world. The major difficulty is to change the process, or how to accomodate the process along with legacy code-base.

Design Tech Talk Series Presents: OO Design for Testability (4:10).

The above talks about many misconceptions in tests, and one valid excuses is “Don’t know how”. Testing well is a technical skill, and it requires struggling efforts to acquire.

As mentioned in the original video, “magical better time in the future never comes” and now is the best time to start. Add tests for new codes. That would be one good change to make. I will try to do.


  • Deploying without test is flying blind.
  • The more stress you feel less testing you will do.
  • The less testing you do, the more errors you will make.
  • Bugs in code must be reproduced with a test.
  • Testing last leaves holes in test coverage.
  • Test driven code is modular, loosely coupled and small methods.

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