The Play Framework @ YouTube

The Play Framework at LinkedIn: Productivity and Performance at Scale

The “Play” seems an interesting Java/Scala framework that absorbed the nice feature-sets of other popular script language frameworks. It has simple Rails-like app bootstrapping commands (“play new”) and view/controller structures with concise route files. Also, Node.js-like event driven non-blocking I/O is supported, and it can be executed in parallel through the concept of “promise”, which is popular in the JavaScript world.

As the non-blocking I/O pattern is gaining popularity, the Java framework that supports in simple mechanism would be nice rather than struggling on thread pools.

Introduction to Play Framework for Java developers

This tutorial video covers simple todo-list type of application, which is often seen as tutorials. Though there’re some Java related redundant notations (compared with the script-language ones like AngularJS), its concept is simple. Considering the static-type checking and detailed error messaging, it would be a good option especially for large applications. Also, it seems the Play has built-in testing-framework for application/integration tests along with stubbing/mocking features. Nice.


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