Testing Strategies for Angular JS – Protractor @ YouTube


This screencast explains some tools for AngularJS testing. Already popular Testem and Jasmine are well covered in other screencasts, but Protractor example was interesting.

Protractor is built on top of WebDriverJs, but also it provides angular-aware features like “By.binding” or “By.repeater” selectors as in the examples.

The document is limited, but it seems the basic interface is the same as WebDriverJs, and the protractor.js source-code can be used to identify the additional definitions in “ProtractorBy.prototype” parts.



  • Default testing file defined in “myConf.js” is “spec/testAppSpec.js”, which needs to be created for your tests.
  • “Appendix A: Setting up a standalone selenium server” in the github page covers the webdriver setup, and then running “node_modules/.bin/protractor myConf.js” works.

It’s pretty much basic one, but the following is what I tried for testAppSpec.js.

var protractor = require('../node_modules/protractor/lib/protractor.js');

describe('login', function() {
  var ptor = protractor.getInstance();

  it('should remain in the sign-in page if the password is invalid', function() {



    ptor.findElement(protractor.By.tagName('h3')).getText().then(function(text) { expect(text).toEqual('Sign in'); });
    ptor.findElement(protractor.By.id("user_email")).getText().then(function(text) { expect(text).toEqual(''); });
    ptor.findElement(protractor.By.id("user_password")).getText().then(function(text) { expect(text).toEqual(''); });
  }, 10000);

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