RubyMotion: Ruby in your pocket @ YouTube

There has been some buzz around RubyMotion. I wanted to learn some, but I didn’t have chance previously. Finally, I took some time looking around the framework. The 1st one in the above is an introductory presentation from the author of RubyMotion, and 2nd one is tutorial screencast from pragmatic studio. Both are nice presentation.

RubyMotion advocates the ruby’s concise and powerful programming capability and native-code performance by statically compiling the code into machine language through LLVM. I don’t know much about LLVM, but according to the official site, LLVM provides a “collection of modular and reusable compiler and toolchain technologies”. It seems to provide a byte-code which is neutral from the specific OS architecture, and also provides optimizations around it. I remember some buzz around emscripten for a while ago.

The above screencast describes a workflow to create a simple iPhone application. Though it requires certain understandings of iOS’s cocoa touch, it pretty much simplifies the basic programming workflow. Especially, ruby’s concise rake tasks assists the powerful application building process, and lowers the boundary to go over the heavy Objective-C + Xcode infrastructure, nice.


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