How Facebook Tests Facebook on Android @ YouTube

GTAC 2013 Day 1 Closing Keynote: How Facebook Tests Facebook on Android

This session talks about the testing in Facebook. This kind of insights-talk from the actual engineers are pretty much useful. I don’t have much experience on the mobile development, but testing framework would be crutial factor for verifying on various devices. I didn’t know the Robolectric, and it seems interesting testing library. When I played around Ruboto, slow testing was a little tough.

At facebook,

  • Team is structured on features, rather than platforms like android or iOS for maintaining consistency.
  • Basic structure of git is “master” and “stable” branches. The master is the latest, and the stable is the one test-passing is confirmed.
  • Own building system called BUCK is used. It supports parallel and incremental building. If you want to encourage developer to use the system, it needs to be fast, ideally instant.
  • There’s no testing-specific department. It works on “some people are passionate about testing and some people are passionate about database” type of roles.
  • Roboelectric and UI Automator are used for android testing.



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