ExPrintf – printf / sprintf for Elixir


In Elixir (elixir-lang) or Erlang, io#format takes care of string-formatting. However, its format styling is somewhat different from the sprintf / printf ones.

Eventually, it would be expected to get accustomed to io#format style, but for alleviating the learning process, I tried to write a wrapper to do the conversion.

The following is an example, and more detail is in the GitHub repo.

Basic Usage

defmodule Sample do
  import ExPrintf

  def test do
    printf("number = %d\n", [10])  # -> number = 10
    IO.puts sprintf("string = %s", ["abc"])  # -> string = abc

    format = parse_printf("format = %d %.2f\n")
    IO.inspect format  # -> "format = ~w ~.2f\n"
    :io.format(format, [10, 10.153])  # -> format = 10 10.15


Sample Execution

$ mix run sample.ex
number = 10
string = abc
"format = ~w ~.2f\n"
format = 10 10.15

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