Evented Ruby vs Node.js @ YouTube

RailsConf 2012 Evented Ruby vs Node.js by Jerry Cheung

An introduction for event-based programming in ruby. It’s mainly about EventMachine, but it nicely describes the behaviors of event-based model, about where or when I/O blocking is happening. Also, it talks about the importance of hiding the complexity of process-handling from the usage interface. For example, faraday http library can switch its handler to EventMachine with the same interface.

EventMachine is a nice library, which is simple enough to program.
But, as indicated in the presentation, it would have smaller community compared with node.js one, which leads into lack of information. Also, built-in event-based paradigm in node.js enforces all the libraries works on this model. In ruby, single event-unaware component of the stack can block the process which becomes the bottleneck.

Recently, many languages and libraries are advocating on the non-blocking concurrency models. This kind of tutorials would be great to understand the backgrounds and how to use them appropriately.


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