Introduction to Elixir @ YouTube

Introduction to Elixir: a New Language on the VM – José Valim

An introduction of Elixir at Erlang conference. The interesting point of Elixir is that it’s very well designed for utilizing the Erlang’s VM assets, as indicated in this presentation and other documents. Recently, lightweight languages built on top of virtual machines are getting popular. Major one would be JVM, but Erlang’s strong concurrency model is very unique and compelling.

At around 17:00, web-server performance is being compared with Sinatra and Express.js, which discusses about the performance advantage of utilizing Erlang’s pattern-matching feature. Grammatically, Elixir is designed as similar as ruby, and native ruby has strong meta-programming power as Elixir’s macro provides. But, this performance benefit would be an key factor on Elixir/Erlang.

VM technologies are getting more interesting, and there’re so many JVM-based languages. Also, RubyMotion has gained popularity through the Ruby’s powerful expression and native performance through LLVM byte-codes. Asm.js is an another interesting project as a kind of VM technology. Need to keep watching.


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