Scala, Java and Elixir – functional and object oriented programming

Why Scala? …by a hilarious Indian guy

Super great talk on Scala. It’s very funny and very insightful. The more getting to know about Scala, the more getting interested in the deep and well-thought design concept of the language.

Java gained much popularity through it’s practicality, but it lacks simplicity and conciseness which caused criticisms from experienced hackers. Though the Scala is based on the Java’s JVM, its grammar is simple and concise with both the object and functional aspects.

Static typing and pattern matching provide powerful expressions. Then, class and object structure provide encapsulated feature module. I love Elixir/Erlang’s functional power, but its lack of object-structure (records only provides set of data fields) and strongly-enforced immutabilities are sometimes cumbersome.

Anyway, functional programming is pretty much interesting.


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