NoSQL Databases – 17 databases in 29 minutes @ YouTube

Rocky Mountain Ruby 2013 An ode to 17 databases in 29 minutes by Toby Hede

It’s a nice introduction to a lot of NoSQL databases. Though it’s opinionated, it well captures the good/bad points of each databases. Among of them, Visual Guide to NoSQL Systems topic (around 7:40) was interesting (it may be an old one, but I didn’t know).

This theorem talks about the characteristic of the distributed systems, which indicates the system can provides only two of the three (Availability, Consistency and Partition Tolelance) attributes. Brewer’s CAP Theorem page has detailed explanation.

As the distributed systems are getting popular, this kind of failure scenario consideration would be gaining importance. As the triangle picture indicates, tranditional DBMS were focusing on providing consolidated datasource, and didn’t provide much distribution which can causes partitions. Now, everything is getting distributed, and variety of options are being provided.

I’m now learning Erlang and Scala, and this kind of languages are well designed for distributed systems through lightweight processes and error handling. Combining theses technologies properly would be a key factor today or in near futures. I need more learning on that.


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