Watching AWS re:Invent Keynotes

Just watched the 2 keynotes of AWS re:Invent last week, which are 3.5 hours total.

The number of feature announcements at this conference would represent the fast-growthness of the AWS. It’s interestingly expanding the range of services on every aspect of cloud-based solutions. During the keynotes, some users are presenting how they’re using AWS infrastructure. It may be somewhat biased, but definitely it was difficult to achieve the recent-growth rate of many web services without cloud-service providers, lead by AWS.

Also, Amazon Workspaces would be an another direction of expansion on top of similar underlying technologies. Having a strong infrastructure on software/hardware, physical/service aspects, Amazon seems heading for dominating the world.

Aside from the main topic, one thing I got remembered is the “Working Backwards” concept in Amazon, which was mentioned in the 2nd day keynote. I didn’t know, but it was mentioned in the CTO’s 2006 blog-post.

It’s an interesting approach to nail down the feature set which users are expecting. Maybe similar process are being performed at the product planning phase in many organizations, but “Press Release” and “FAQ” part sounds interesting. It should represent the key advantage of the product/feature with simple and persuasive reasoning.


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