Watching How GitHub (no longer) Works

How GitHub (no longer) Works

Nice presentation about how GitHub is managing the team structures as it grows.

The official “about” page is indicating that there’re 223 HUBBERNAUTS (employees?) at the moment. GitHub seems growing nicely, and it’s great to host millions of users and repositories with this number, including the GitHub enterprise.

The “60% remote” team structure is interesting. The following points indicated are nice.

  • GitHub used to have all-member meeting at the San Francisco two times a year. Now it’s reduced to one, and having more team meetup.
  • GitHub has 150 chat rooms opened. Having separate rooms is good for S/N rate. Not going so crazy along with push notification when your name is mentioned.

The daily-based communication tool and constant meet-ups would be the crutial factors.

Personally, I would like to work remotely, but I can think of myriad issues that may occur in my environment. Many of the issue could be technically resolved (as indicated in Remote – Office Not Required book), but it’s difficult to go over the threshold at the static and large organizations, maybe. I sometimes envy the remote environment.

Lastly, “if there’s disagreement, both sides are wrong at some level” statement at the Q&A part was interesting too. If the discussion is abstract and imaginary, it tends to cause disagreements. Having concrete points or codes are the good standpoints of the discussion.


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