Watching Play by Play – John Papa and Ward Bell

Just watched the above course. I was loving the play-by-play series of PeepCode, but there was no updates after the integration with Pluralsite. But finally, it seems new series are added with Pluralsight’s course authors.

This time, John Papa and Ward Bell are paired-up to develop a flight management system. It’s similar structure as Play by Play: Aaron Patterson and Corey Haines, but it’s more focused on requirement discussion rather than coding.

It’s a relatively complex task with ambiguous requirements, but they’re nicely clarifying the key factors through the discussions, and also defining the scope to be focused within the limited 2-hour timeframe.

In the coding part, template engine (The Breeze/Angular SPA Template?) was being applied. It was kind of a brief introduction, but as I didn’t have much experience on VisualStudio, I found interesting to watch.


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