Riak at Ruby Rogues Podcast

139 RR Riak with Sean Cribbs and Bryce Kerley

A nice episode of riak, which is a erlang-based distributed database. It talks about its feature-set, how/where to apply, and some technical backgrounds around replication/partitioning. Also, the podcast page has a lot of references to the great resources, like Amazon’s Dynamo, CAP Theorem, etc.

As Elixir is coming around, erlang may be getting more attention in ruby community. Though its programming-model is quitely different from ruby, nice ruby-syntax pretty much reduces the threshold for trying out.

I haven’t been able to get deep into this different programming model (concurrency, fault-tolerance provided through process and supervisor), but I would like to be working on in near term by using affordable Vagrant and DigitalOcean/Amazon AWS environments.


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