Watching – Creative Machines

An interesing presentation about creativity in machines. It discusses about the meaning of creativity, using musical demonstration with overtone.

Now, computer graphics are everywhere. Most of the movies use them, and sometimes it’s very difficult to distinguish them with the “real” one. Industrial robots are everywhere too, and most of the factories use them, without human instructions or interventions.

Still, the artificial intelligence with creativity seems like not ready yet. Sometime ago, there were some buzz around the robots which interact with humans, like aibo and ashimo. But, there’s no major news around it recently. I grew up with Doraemon; story about a robot came from 22th centry, and I feel a little sad that it’s not coming yet.

In the presentation, various methods to generate “music” are demonstrated. It ranges from basic math functions through the waves sampled from brains. This brings to think what’s good/bad music, but it’s difficult to tell. Sampling from actual musicians and combining them with statistical methods are other approaches, but it can be creative or can be just a cheating. It’s an interesting topic.

As also noted in the presentation, machines don’t understand beautiful and clean codes, and also machines have no idea about the variable names, yet. It’s an interesting viewpoint too.

Is there any future that machines hate accepting minified/uglified codes?


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