Watching Google Cloud Platform Live Keynote

Cloud Platform Live: Keynote from Urs Hölzle

Just watched the keynote at Google Cloud Platform Live event, which was held several days ago. It nicely includes many demonstrations along with the main presentations. AWS is leading this field at the moment, but google seems re-attacking with drastic discounts and many new features.

At around 40:00, it demonstrates the online Developers Console features to easily deploy codes and debug errors at production environment.

At around 52:00, it demonstrates new Managed Virtual Machine features. It allows to customize the virtual machine configuration using XML configuration file, like listing-up apt packages to be installed. It sounds simpler than managing chef cookbooks (which I’ve been struggling these days). Though it might cause some restrictions installing the latest or minor packages, it may be a nice choice in the case your server requirement fits well.

Anyway, it’s good to have many options for users, and the PAAS/SAAS fields are yet getting more and more interesting.


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