Watching – How to Become a Better Developer 2014 – How to Become a Better Developer by Markus Prinz

A nice talk on improving the development skills. In sports, taller or muscular people often gets advantages, but, there’s no explicit talents to identify intelligence. One major factor is deliberate practice. As Outliers book indicates, 10,000 hours of practice is required for becoming a expert.

Some key factors are,


How to improve is not obvious for everyone. In order to improve, it needs to be either “new” or “hard”.


It’s required, but you should not keep repeating the same thing. It needs to be combined with “new” or “hard” point.


Having mentor is great for getting feedback. Or, it can be friends or coworker.


You have to be concentrated to gain something.


It involves frustration and failure, but it’s required steps.

Good Goal

It needs to be specific and also the process reaching the goal is important.

Many good programmers pretty much likes programmings and challenges to the new thing. Keep doing it for a long time makes them that way.


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