Pair Programming and Remote Work

LA Ruby Conf 2014 – I Have Pair Programmed for 27,000 Hours: Ask Me Anything!

An interesting type of presentation, which is actually just Q&A whole the time. Most of the audience seems have done the pair programming, but questions were non-stop for 30 minutes. Maybe because, it involves certain difficulties on identifying best-practices.

One major topic is remote pair programming. These days, a lot of tools for remote work are available, and it’s getting easier to communicate. Screen-sharing with video conferencing can be more efficient than working at busy offices with noises and interruptions. Also, GitHub’s pull-request type of communication would be making it easier to collaborate remotely through actual codes, even members are working at different timing.

I don’t have much experience on pair programming, but sometimes I do pair-troubleshooting on certain issues at software development or testing. Mostly it works well on identifying the causes, with the power of another set of eyes. Also, it’s good to avoid going deeper and deeper while keep missing the point.


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