Watching – Explaining Agile

Explaining Agile – Martin Fowler and Neil Ford at USI

An explanation of agile process. It’s a little old one (at USI 2010, though it’s uploaded last year), but it’s a nice presentation.

Some notes are,

  • Traditional Plan-Driven approach is “Plan your work. Work your plan”. It’s about making prediction, and its success is evaluated by if it worked as planned. Plan depends on stable requirements. It’s usually hard in software development, and agile development came into play for addressing this issue. Agile development is taking more adaptive approach for removing this dependency itself.
  • Software process tries to fit people as component within the process. However, behaviors of people are not linear, and it’s difficult to predict and be controlled by given process. In the agile practice, people comes first to choose their own process.
  • There are two different approaches – defined process and empirical process. Defined process is to convert the input to output using the pre-defined processing method. Empirical process iteratively adjust the output through the feedback loop of the monitored outputs. If there are large unknowns, empirical approach is more suitable.

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