Watching – The People vs. NoSQL Databases: Panel Discussion

The People vs. NoSQL Databases: Panel Discussion

A little old one, but it’s a nice panel discussion about NoSQL databases. Each participant represents a specific NoSQL database product, but having Martin Fowler additionally helps maintaining the balance between the NoSQL and SQL in a practical way. NoSQL world sometimes criticizes SQL, but many people are accustomed to SQL, and are using them along with certain amount of complaints (maybe as similar way as Java getting criticism, in some sense).

A lot of new data-store options are available lately, along with the various ‘BigData’ requirements and technical transition to distributed systems. As mentioned in the discussion, it’s getting more difficult to choose a data-store which fits all use cases. Even a single application can require multiple different requirements.

NoSQL databases are relatively new and they still require specialists and experts to design into the system properly, due to the different type of complexity. It is largely imposed by the nature of distributed systems, in contrast to their simple data model. It’s pretty much tough to catch up, but this kind of discussion helps understanding the underlying concepts.

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