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Becoming a multiplier

Camille Fournier Velocity NY 2014 Keynote: “Cloning Yourself Isn’t an Option…”

As engineer, technical skill may be your bottleneck and first priority to improve. However, as you grow, the bottleneck shifts and other factors like time and/or focus become the bottleneck. At this phase, becoming multiplier and influence team members are required for keep scaling up your organization.

Recent popularity on DevOps created the culture that most of us can be multipliers. It provides a motive to collaborate with other team members more effectively. It provides network effect to gain improvements, that leads to multiplication of impacts.


DevOps and Cultural Revolutions

Tim O’Reilly OSCON 2014 Keynote: “Technical and Cultural Revolutions”

A nice presentation from OSCON.

Open source softwares provided new ways of collaboration, which are being developed under the loosely-coupled multi-organizational virtual team. It provided new cultural revolutions. Also, the buzzing DevOps is providing a similar revolution, as represented in the following quote.

Empathy: The Essence of DevOps

The confluence of these two Twitter exchanges led me to reflect on the true essence of DevOps. It occurred to me that it’s not about making developers and sysadmins report to the same VP. It’s not about automating all your configuration procedures. It’s not about tipping up a Jenkins server, or running your applications in the cloud, or releasing your code on Github. It’s not even about letting your developers deploy their code to a PaaS. The true essence of DevOps is empathy.

It’s very neat insight. It’s not just about the technology, it’s about how to communicate and collaborate with people, for smoothly delivering the software.