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Nickel City Ruby 2014 – Keynote and Codecation

Nickel City Ruby 2014- Opening Keynote

A nice keynote which talks about “Codecation” concept. Travelling to a new place and find some time to try new things, it sounds pretty nice.
The daily work tends to become boring at least technically. Having a opportunity to this type of activity would be exciting.

The other side of the story is covered by Chris Hunt in the following podcast episode. It’s a nice one too.

HackerNews API on Firebase + Elixir

Hacker News API

Received Hacker News API relase mail on Firebase, and just tried out with ExFirebase, though it’s not so much interesting one.

Business Case for Git

A Business Case for Git

A nice presentation from Atlassian, which talks about the business-side merits for adopting git, like

  • Git makes releasing easier and more regular.
  • Code review through pull-requests shortens time to release.
  • Git branching and CI saves a lot of time.
  • Forks of git makes external collaboration easy.

Git fits for quick and iterative developments through collaborative work. However, it’s difficult to see its power from the outside especially from the cryptic CLI commands.

This type of sales pitch presentation would be helpful to persuade relatively conservative people. Also, now we have matured Bitbucket and JIRA toolings, it’s getting more easier to see the power of Git.