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Watching – Amazon S3 Deep Dive and Best Practices

AWS re:Invent 2014 | (SDD413) Amazon S3 Deep Dive and Best Practices

The feature sets around the S3 are getting mature and mature. The event notification and lambda calculation around data store sounds compelling. The computing unit is getting more and more granular and flexible. From the virtual machine, it’s divided into an application and then simple function + datasets.

The demonstration (around 25:00) of photo data conversion is interesting. Real time and simple calculation which is available across any platform. It’s nice.

Nickel City Ruby 2014 – Learning From Failure

Nickel City Ruby 2014- Learning From Failure

A nice presentation about learning from failure. Acting smart and keep being successful can make people afraid of mistakes. If you’re not accustomed to failure, you may get anxious when facing risks.

The figure described at around 25:00 sounds nice.

  • praise effort
  • expose ignorance
  • safe to fail

Admitting ignorance is sometimes difficult, but it’s a start point of improvements. Embracing the risks on challenging helps the improvement process, and the atmosphere to praise the effort in addition to the results itself can create the safe place to fail and quick iterative improvements.