Watching – Elixir Conf 2015 Videos (1)

I’ve started watching the session videos of elixir conf. I really wanted to join the conference if possible, but it’s good that I can watch every session online.

Keynote – from José Valim

Recent history of extended elixir capability, and coming future enhancements.

The recently added mix profile.fprof provides nice and easy interface for profiling. The fprof of erlang is somewhat cryptic and difficult to start using. The new ex_doc styling is getting nicer, along some other improvements.

Also, the coming future features like pipeline parallelism and GenRouter will be more extending the capabilities in parallel and distributed system, which sounds promising.

Keynote: Elixir Should Take Over the World – from Jessica Kerr

It might be one of the best talk with insightful ideas and encouraging statements. It introduces the power of elixir by comparing with historical progress in physics. It’s an insightful talk about how progress is being introduced, and how it relates to computer and programming architecture. The history shows always new ideas are coming and we need to keep thinking about what’s coming next.

Elixir has strong powers of

  • Functional Programming : Immutability with data flow through actors
  • Object Oriented : Independency in processes and message communication between actors
  • Errors : Isolation with crash and recovery mechanism

which is enforced by the related ideas and technologies coming in this age. One remaining part is the People to spread the idea to the world, which elixir is improving at the moment. Elixir is providing different paradigm and it imposes certain difficulty, and sharing various types of experiences at different levels helps new-comers to improve themselves.


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