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Jekyll and GitHub Pages

Just created a GitHub Pages for organizing my project documents. It was easier than thought. The page can be directly created from GitHub page, but I tried Jekyll for locally building the static web page.

Jekeyll updates the markdown into html file in real-time, and just a ‘git push’ is enough for reflecting the changes into the server. Nowadays, everything is in real-time and no back-and-force. It’s pretty much wonderful.

GoRuCo 2013 – Krypt Semper Pi. @ YouTube

GoRuCo 2013 – Krypt. Semper Pi. by Martin Bosslet

It’s a nice presentation which talks about difficulties in cryptography, and providing a library (Krypt) for easing it.

Using OpenSSL on ruby sometimes causes troubles. When it fails to work, cryptic message is displayed. Also, updating the OpenSSL can require re-compilation of ruby, or cause an error on CERT FILE, etc. It’s tough.

Also, the concept of “Security by Default” is quite important. It’s too difficult to appropriately use the library.

Recently I took a online cryptography course from coursera. It’s a great course, and the professor repeatedly indicates that “you should avoid doing it by yourself”. Inventing your-own-version of algorithms are often criticized, but also appropriately using the standard libraries is difficult (as indicated in the presentation – around 9:00).

Using password for encryption keys instead of random value (by using cryptographically-secure-random-generator), or applying inappropriate encryption modes/parameters can cause weakness. It’s tough.


First Post

Just created an account, and trying to post a first one.