AWS Elastic Beanstalk and Cloud Orchestrations Services

AWS Elastic Beanstalk and Docker by Evan Brown (AWS)

Nice presentation about AWS Elastic Beanstalk, which I didn’t know much about it. As also indicated in the official site, it’s intended to easily deploy applications on AWS, and built on top of various AWS services like EC2, S3, ELB, etc. Then it now supports docker containers as application packages.

After the docker gained popularity, many of the cloud services are supporting features to deploy docker-container packages. Then the orchestration services like Elastic Beankstalk on AWS or Kubernetes on Google Cloud Services are gaining attention.

Also the new tool like Terraform is trying to provide a standard method of orchestrating cloud infrastructure, which can span across different service providers. Even though the Vagrant was providing common functionality to spin-up VMs on various cloud services through plugins, it was mostly about just setting up single VM. Terraform is more on defining the entire infrastructure.

Though AWS had been leading the cloud service solutions, the may be some interesting competitions in the coming years.


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